Configuring IAG network and server settings

Updated: February 10, 2010

Applies To: Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG)

You can efficiently set up Whale Communications Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) 2007 on your server by using the Getting Started Wizard. The first time you open the IAG Configuration console, the Getting Started Wizard appears automatically. It will, by default, appear each time that you open the Configuration console, until you have completed it.

To stop the wizard from appearing when the Configuration console is opened

  • On the Getting Started Wizard page, click Close, and then, in the confirmation message, clear the Automatically launch this wizard the next time the IAG Configuration console is launched check box.

You can start the wizard at any time from the toolbar of the Configuration console by clicking Admin, and then clicking Getting Started Wizard.

Setting up IAG on your server consists of the following steps:

  • Configuring network settings

  • Configuring server settings

  • Publishing an application or applications. For instructions, see Publishing applications in an IAG portal, and Publishing a single Web application directly with IAG.

  • The first time you access either the IAG Configuration console or the IAG Service Policy Manager, you are prompted to create an encryption key and passphrase. This action is required once only. In addition, the first time you access the Configuration console or the Service Policy Manager console, you must create a login password.

Configuring network settings

Configuring your network settings is the first step in setting up IAG on your server. To configure your network, use the information that you recorded, as described in the IAG deployment checklist.

To configure network settings

  • In the Getting Started Wizard, click Configure Network Settings. Follow the instructions in the Network Configuration Wizard.

Configuring server settings

Once you have configured your network settings, you can configure your IAG server settings. To configure your IAG server, use the information that you recorded, as described in the IAG deployment checklist.

To configure IAG server settings

  • In the Getting Started Wizard, click Configure server settings. Follow the instructions in the Server Configuration Wizard.

Creating the IAG encryption key and passphrase

When the Intelligent Application Gateway Encryption Keys dialog box is displayed, do the following:

To create the IAG encryption keys and passphrase

  1. In Seed, enter a string of characters until you fill the entire field. You can use any combination of letters and digits. The keys you enter, combined with the time intervals between the key strokes, are used to create unique keys.

  2. In Passphrase, enter an 8 to 32 character alphanumeric passphrase. It is very important that you remember the passphrase you enter here. The passphrase is used the first time you configure the IAG server and for future software upgrades and modifications. You will also use it if you install a High Availability array.

  3. A pop-up message is displayed to confirm that the keys have been successfully created. In the Save As dialog box, enter the path and filename in which to save the new encryption keys. Then click Save. A pop-up message informs you that the keys were exported to the file successfully.

Creating a password for IAG consoles

You must create a password for access to the IAG Configuration console and the Service Policy Manager console. When you access Service Policy Manager on consecutive sessions, IAG prompts you to enter the password. For information about changing the password, see Modifying IAG network and server settings.