Customizing IAG client endpoint Web pages

Updated: February 10, 2010

Applies To: Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG)

During the day-to-day interaction with Whale Communications Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) 2007, users encounter various Web pages. The following end-user Web pages can be customized:

Preparing files for customization

Before you begin Web page customization, you should prepare the relevant files in accordance with the following procedure. Note that you should always use the method described in this procedure, or customizations will be overwritten if the system is upgraded. Files and folder names are not case sensitive.

To prepare files for customization

  1. Copy the file you wish to customize from the folder where it is installed by default to the CustomUpdate subfolder that is nested under it.

  2. If you want the changes you make to affect all trunks, copy the file without renaming it. This is always the method you should apply for Web Monitor changes; because the Web Monitor monitors all the trunks in IAG, it cannot be customized per trunk.

    If you want the changes you make to be applied to a single trunk, rename the file: <Trunk_Name><Secure(0=no/1=yes)><OrigFile.extension>


    • <Trunk_Name> is the name of the trunk where you want the changes to take effect.

    • <Secure(0=no/1=yes)> : enter 1 for an HTTPS trunk or 0 for an HTTP trunk.

    • <OrigFile.extension> is the name of the original file, including file extension.

If you make changes per trunk, you need to define a separate set of files for each trunk.

You can now make changes in the file you copied. The changes you make in the file will not be overwritten when IAG is upgraded.