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Remove an In-Place eDiscovery search


Applies to: Exchange Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2014-07-14

In Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, you can use In-Place eDiscovery to search mailbox content. You can remove an In-Place eDiscovery search at any time. When you remove an In-Place eDiscovery search, search results are removed from the Discovery mailbox.

Deleting an In-Place eDiscovery search will remove any search results copied to a Discovery mailbox.

  1. Navigate to Compliance management > In-place eDiscovery & hold.

  2. In the list view, select the In-Place eDiscovery search you want to remove, and then click Delete Delete icon.

For an example of how to remove an In-Place eDiscovery search, see the “Examples” section in Remove-MailboxSearch.

To verify that you have successfully removed an In-Place eDiscovery search, do one of the following:

  • Use the EAC to verify that the search is no longer displayed in the list view of the In-place eDiscovery & hold tab.

  • Use the Get-MailboxSearch cmdlet to retrieve In-Place eDiscovery searches. For an example of how to retrieve In-Place eDiscovery searches, see the “Examples” section in Get-MailboxSearch.

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