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Getting Started

Creating and deploying custom Internet Explorer 5 packages follows the same process as upgrading or changing any desktop component. Microsoft recommends the following steps in a properly planned deployment:

  1. Gather information and make decisions. Use the Custom Build Checklists in this document to gather necessary information and files. The Checklist also helps administrators make decisions about deployment, such as distribution type and components to include.

  2. Learn how to use the Internet Explorer Administration Kit. Build a pilot deployment package using the Internet Explorer Administration Kit. Complete instructions and information on the Internet Explorer Administration Kit are in Step #2, "Configuring Custom Packages with the Internet Explorer Administration Kit Customization Wizard."

  3. Trial Deployment #1. First, test the pilot deployment in a lab on non-production machines. Instructions and guidelines on how to conduct a test lab are included in Appendix C. The installation process and browser configuration should be tested for all platforms and installation media types.

  4. Trial Deployment #2. After initial deployment, update and version the deployment package with any changes incorporated from the test lab. Test the final deployment in a lab on non-production machines. It is not safe to assume that changes, no matter how small, will have no effect on the deployment. Two hours of testing in the lab can save two weeks of trying to fix a bad deployment.

  5. Final Deployment. Once the final version of the package is tested and approved, deploy it to the organization.

The creation and deployment of this (and any other) software package is iterative; this Plan-->Develop-->Test procedure could go through a single cycle—or many cycles—before the package is ready for deployment.

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