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Hardware and System Requirements for Internet Explorer

For hardware and system requirements for a specific version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, see the Readme file for that version.

Additional Hardware Requirements for Creating Custom Packages

Before you start the Internet Explorer 6 Customization Wizard, check the amount of disk space available on the destination drive where you will build your customized package. The destination drive can be on the same computer from which you are running the customization wizard, but this is not a requirement.

Before you build IEAK packages, add the following to the system requirements for Internet Explorer:

  • Depending on the number of components you download to include in an installation package, you will need up to 100 MB of disk space.

  • For every custom package you build, you might need up to an additional 100 MB of disk space. When you build a package for a different media type, such as CD-ROM, it is considered to be a separate package.

IEAK Requirements

You must build the IEAK packages from a computer running Internet Explorer 6 and any Windows 32-bit operating system (except Windows NT 3.51).

Windows NT 4.0 computers must also be running Service Pack 3 or later.

This version of the IEAK only builds custom browser packages for 32-bit Windows platforms. If you want to build a custom package for 16-bit Windows or for the UNIX platform, use the IEAK 5.x. If you want to build a custom package for the Macintosh, use the IEAK for the Macintosh.

You can run both the 5.5 and 6 versions of the IEAK on the same machine; simply install each program into a different directory.

Requirements for Your Users

If your users are running Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP, you must have administrative privileges on that machine the first time users start their computers after installing or uninstalling Internet Explorer from your IEAK package.

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