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What's Included in the IEAK

The IEAK contains programs and tools to help you customize and administer Microsoft Internet Explorer.

You can:

  • Tailor the browser and other Internet components to fit your organization's or users' needs. For example, you can customize the Links bar and Favorites list to promote your organization or provide helpful information.

  • Configure settings before you install, so you don't need to set options on each computer.

  • Customize Setup so that it requires less intervention and installs your custom programs.

  • Control which settings your employees can change, so that if you're a corporate administrator, you can ensure that security, connection, and other important settings adhere to corporate standards.

Before using the IEAK, you should determine which settings you want to customize, prepare any graphics or custom files you'll need, and plan your distribution method. You'll also want to familiarize yourself with the programs and tools in the IEAK.

For more information about what is new in this version of the IEAK, see What's New in the IEAK.

Tools in the IEAK

Internet Explorer 6 Customization Wizard

The Customization Wizard provides five stages of step-by-step screens that help you create customized Internet Explorer packages.

IEAK Profile Manager

The Profile Manager enables you to change your users' settings and restrictions automatically, after Internet Explorer is already installed. For more information, see Understanding the IEAK Profile Manager.

IEAK Toolkit

The IEAK Toolkit contains helpful tools, programs, and sample files, such as the IExpress wizard, sample sign-up and add-on files, artwork, and other tools. These items are located in the \Toolkit folder within your IEAK installation.

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