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Part 1: Introduction

  • Save Time Distributing Your Custom Browser

  • Get More Users to the Web

  • Reduce Your Support Costs

  • Increase Your Revenues Per User

This document provides Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with a step-by-step guide to deploying custom packages of Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5 using the Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit 5 (IEAK 5).

Although you can download most Web browsers, including Internet Explorer 5, directly from the Web, custom packages offer ISPs and customers many advantages, including the following.

Save Time Distributing Your Custom Browser

  • IEAK 5 provides an improved Customization wizard that lets you customize the features and components of Internet Explorer 5. In addition, your subscribers will be able to install additional components using the original distribution media via the Install on Demand feature.

  • IEAK 5 lets you distribute your custom browser via Web download, CD and floppy disk. In additional to a multiple-floppy installation, you can customize an existing Internet Explorer 4 or Internet Explorer 5 browser using the single-disk-branding feature. This new option allows you to create connections and branding for Windows® 98 users without reinstalling the browser. Single disk branding can be distributed via a floppy disk or a small download executable.

  • IEAK 5 allows you to configure an Update Check Page, so that Internet Explorer 5 users can be redirected at startup and regular intervals to a Web page where you can offer the latest software and support information.

  • Take advantage of Microsoft tools and support. In addition to the IEAK 5, which is designed specifically for ISPs, you can get the Internet Explorer 5 Deployment Guide for ISPs and get free IEAK 5 online support and FAQs at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ieak

Get More Users to the Web

  • Internet Explorer 5 makes it easier to attract new users to the Web because it saves users time on the things they do most often on the Web and provides a stable platform on which to run Web applications.

  • IEAK 5 also includes sample code so that you can create your own new user sign-up Web pages that can be integrated into your existing user management system. Sign-up pages can be HTML-based or integrated with the Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard.

  • You can reach all of your users across multiple platforms with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 5 is available for your Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT® 4.0 and Windows 3.1 users. For Macintosh users, you can distribute the new Internet Explorer 4.5 browser using the Mac IEAK 4.5 Customization wizard.

Reduce Your Support Costs

  • Internet Explorer 5 provides new features to simplify the user experience with a Search Assistant, easier organization of Favorites, History search and views, AutoCorrect URLs in the address bar and AutoComplete of Web-based forms.

  • Internet Explorer 5 addresses most of the top 15 technical support issues with Internet Explorer 4 and provides several features aimed at improving supportability for ISPs, such as friendly HTML-based error messages, hidden script errors, no shell updates, per-connection settings, importing and exporting of Cookies/Favorites, and the ability for the end user to self-repair Internet Explorer 5.

  • Using the Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) you can ensure that your Windows customers configure their systems correctly and that they always have the latest dial-up phone numbers. In addition, through customized Help files and wizards you can make your consumer and business customers more self-sufficient, ensuring both lower support costs and a better access experience.

Increase Your Revenues Per User

  • You can use Internet Explorer 5 extensibility features like Explorer Bars or additional Toolbar buttons to increase the frequency and duration that your users spend in your Web site or custom portal and thus increase your advertising-based revenues or sponsorships. You can also make it easier for your users to use Web-hosting services by encouraging them to use FTP Folders.

  • In addition to the simplified browser features like Search, History and Favorites, your Internet Explorer 5 users will be able to save complete Web pages locally and will have the best fidelity viewing Microsoft® Office-generated HTML files. Internet Explorer 5 will automatically recognize the Office 2000 application that generated the document and will show the appropriate icon in the Toolbar Edit button. This feature allows the users to switch back and forth between viewing with the browser and editing with the productivity application.

  • Using the CMAK included in IEAK 5, you can create a custom, branded dialup profile and distribute it with your custom package. Connection Manager provides a reliable and customizable dialer with desktop visibility that enables roaming services and business services like outsourcing of business modem pools and Virtual Private Networking.

  • With Connection Manager you can provide dynamic phone book updates for your customers by using Connection Point Services on a Windows NT Server 4.0. Using the service type specification in the Connection Manager interface you can segment your service offerings to maximize market penetration and revenues. This flexibility in the interface also provides a means of easily up-selling value-added services from a base service offering.

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