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Getting Started

Chapter 1: What's New in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5?

This chapter provides an overview of the new and enhanced features of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. You can use this information to help you evaluate the browser before you deploy it to your users. New and enhanced features are divided into the following areas: deploying the browser, simplifying Web tasks for the user, automating Web tasks for the user, and developing and authoring for the Web.

Chapter 2: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 Components

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 includes a comprehensive set of components that provide solutions for your Internet- and intranet-based communication needs. This chapter describes each of the components that comes with the Internet Explorer 5 Web browser. This product information can help you decide which components to install.

Chapter 3: Understanding Customization and Administration

This chapter describes how you can tailor Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 to fit the needs of your organization. Information in this chapter applies to corporate administrators, Internet service providers (ISPs), Internet content providers (ICPs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and developers.

The Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) provides a convenient way to alter the appearance and behavior of Internet Explorer and to customize Windows Update Setup for Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools. In addition, the IEAK enables corporate administrators to control many user actions, including file management, desktop behavior, and Internet usage. The IEAK also enables ISPs to develop tools and processes to sign up new customers.

Chapter 4: Working with Different Platforms

This chapter identifies the platforms on which you can install Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and describes the deployment variations among the supported platforms. This information is particularly important if you are deploying Internet Explorer on multiple platforms.

Chapter 5: Understanding Related Tools and Programs

When you use the Internet Explorer Customization wizard to build and install custom packages of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, you can also include other tools and programs as part of the deployment process. This chapter provides an overview of the following related tools and programs: Microsoft System Management Server (SMS), Microsoft Office 2000 Custom Installation wizard (CIW), and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

Chapter 6: Digital Certificates

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 uses digital certificates to authenticate clients and servers on the Web and to ensure secure browser communications. Read this chapter to learn about certificates and about how to configure settings for the certificates you trust.

Chapter 7: Security Zones and Permission-Based Security for Microsoft Virtual Machine

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 provides comprehensive management and enforcement of Internet and network security. This chapter describes two key features of security management: security zones and permission-based security for Microsoft Virtual Machine. Read this chapter to learn how these security features can help protect access to individuals and information in your organization.

Chapter 8: Content Ratings and User Privacy

Using the content-rating and user-privacy features of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, you can create a secure environment that protects users from inappropriate Web content and ensures the privacy of their information. This chapter describes these features and explains how you can configure rating and privacy settings.


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