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Chapter 12: Preparing for the IEAK

If you plan to use the Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK), you should take some time to gather information, set up your computers, and prepare custom files. This advance preparation will help you use the IEAK programs more effectively.

This chapter applies to corporate administrators, Internet service providers (ISPs), Internet content providers (ICPs) and developers, and independent software vendors (ISVs) who are planning to use the IEAK to customize and distribute Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.

Chapter 13: Setting Up Servers

As you customize the browser and prepare for deployment, you should also prepare any servers that you will need to support your deployment of Internet Explorer. This chapter covers preparing for proxy servers, roaming user profiles, Internet sign-up by using the Internet Connection wizard, and using Microsoft NetMeeting.

Chapter 14: Customizing Connection Management and Settings

This chapter describes how to manage dial-up connections for your users. Using the Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) wizard, which is part of the IEAK, you can customize connections and service profiles and the ways in which they are managed.

Chapter 15: Running the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard

You can use the Microsoft Internet Explorer Customization wizard, which comes with the IEAK, to customize the appearance and functionality of the browser, its components, and Windows Update Setup for Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools. You can also preset browsing options and, if you are a corporate administrator, set system policies and restrictions.

This chapter will help you understand how to use the Customization wizard to create custom Internet Explorer packages that you can distribute to your users.

Chapter 16: Customizing Setup

You can customize Microsoft Windows Update Setup for Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools to fit the needs of your organization.

To customize Windows Update Setup, you can use the IEAK or you can use a batch file or command-line switches. The following information applies to anyone who wants to modify Windows Update Setup, including ISPs, ICPs, corporate administrators, developers, and ISVs.

Chapter 17: Time-Saving Strategies That Address Diverse User Needs

If your users or customers have diverse needs—for example, your marketing department requires different Internet Explorer settings than your finance department—there are ways that you can address those needs without repeating all customization steps.

This chapter provides some strategies that corporate administrators and ISPs can use to efficiently address diverse user needs.

Chapter 18: Working with .inf Files

Although you can use the IEAK, batch files, command-line switches, and third-party programs to customize setup, you can also extend the setup program by using setup information (.inf) files. Scripts based on .inf files take advantage of the setup engine built into the Microsoft Windows operating system.


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