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Internet Sign-up Options

An Internet sign-up server (ISS) automates the task of adding new customers to an ISP's customer database. The Internet sign-up server collects information from each new customer, adds the information to the ISP's customer database, and then passes a configuration packet back to the customer's desktop computer. The configuration packet contains information that is used to configure the customer's Internet browser for subsequent connection to the ISP's services.

To add a new customer to the ISP's database, the Internet sign-up server:

  • Causes the client computer to establish an HTTP connection with the sign-up server.

  • Collects sign-up information from the customer.

  • Handles the customer's acceptance or refusal of the ISP's services.

When using the IEAK, three options are available for performing Internet sign-up:

Server-based sign-up is preferred, unless you cannot provide a sign-up server, because settings are easier to change on the server than on the client. Of the two server-based options, the ICW method is recommended, because it uses a standard wizard interface that can be customized to fit your needs. If you are an ISP, you can specify the ICW as the tool that customers use to sign up for Internet services and configure their computers.


  • If you are using single-disk branding, do not use ICW sign-up if you anticipate that some of your users are using Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 1 (or earlier versions); instead, create a separate package using Kiosk mode sign-up for these customers.

Sample code in the IEAK Toolkit

Customizable solutions for Internet sign-up are located in the IEAK Toolkit. The code is provided in Active Server Pages as well as in Perl format, allowing you to build an ICW sign-up process for Web servers on different platforms with a minimum of effort. If you use the sample code, the only work you need to do is to integrate the sign-up server with your registration and billing systems. If you are participating in the Windows Referral Server Program, the sign-up server code is similar for both IEAK sign-up and Referral Server registrations.


  • Because the IEAK solution includes multiple Internet sign-up (.isp) files for different customer needs, you must also include the Dynamic HTML Data Binding component in your custom package.

Creating multiple customized versions of Internet Explorer

If you are creating multiple customized versions of Internet Explorer and have many settings that stay the same across several or all versions, you can simplify the process. For more information, see Creating Multiple Versions of the Browser.

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