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Step #2: Configuring Custom Packages

Use the Internet Explorer Administration Kit Customization wizard to create custom packages that install customized versions of Internet Explorer for users. Administrators should allow roughly one hour to configure the first package from start to finish. It's best to do this in one session; otherwise, some options may have to be re-specified. The checklists in Appendices A and B help administrators quickly gather the required information. Once a package is configured, each subsequent package will require less time because some of the values specified for a previous package can be reused.

The following sections display all of the wizard pages in Internet Explorer Administration Kit 5. Each page is followed by a table that describes the features and options available on that wizard page. Depending on the administrator's choices, some screens described in this document may not appear.

Welcome Page


The Welcome Page is informational. Navigating through the Customization Wizard is the same as navigating through most wizards.



Display any previous page. May have to retype some of the values entered.


Accept the values on the current page and move to next page.


Exit this package.


Need more information about using a page or specific feature.


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