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MS Internet Explorer 5.0 Resource Kit Tools and Utilities

Web Accessories for Internet Explorer 5

Click here to access ie5wa.exe 

Click here to access ie5ntwa.exe 

What's in this package

Included in this pack is a selection of some very useful Web Accessories for Internet Explorer 5. Most of these are activated by "right-clicking" on an appropriate item in the browser and choosing the associated command. For example, if you want to use the Text Highlighter, select some text with the cursor, then right-click on the selected text and choose "Highlight" from the list of commands. Others such as the Image Toggler and Quick Search are located in the links bar.

Here's a list of what's included:

Open Frame in New Window

Tired of HTML frames boxing you in? Ever wish you could see a page without all those annoying sidebars? Now you can! Just right-click anywhere in the frame you're interested in, and select Open in New Frame.

Quick Search

This Web Accessory lets you reach the search engines of your choice faster than ever. For example, if you type "av ActiveX" in the Address bar, Internet Explorer startsa search using Alta Vista on the keyword "ActiveX." To activate Quick Search, click Quick Search on the Links bar, and then click Save.

Zoom In/Zoom Out

Get up close and personal. This Web Accessory lets you zoom in and out of any image on a Web page. Just right-click on it and select Zoom In or Zoom Out.

Image Toggler

Now you can turn off images for extra speed, and turn them back on again, even more quickly and easily. Simply look for Toggle Images in the Links bar and click it.

Text Highlighter

This Web Accessory lets you highlight text in a document just like you would in Microsoft Word. It's easy. Select your text, then right-click and choose Highlight. This tool is very useful for reading long documents.

Web Search

Here's another tool for searching faster than ever. With this Web Accessory you can select keywords on a Web page, right-click, and and choose Web Search. Your selected words go directly to a default search engine.

Links List

Ever wish you could see all the links on a page? Just right-click anywhere and select Links Lists, and you'll get a new window with every link on the page in a convenient list format. Then just click any link to navigate.

Image List

Now it's easy to find out what the size of graphics are and how long they could take to download at various connection speeds. This tool also displays a window containing all the images on a Web page in a separate window and displays the file size and the size in pixels. This is a must have for Web Developers.

Note The Image List works only with Windows 95 and Windows 98.

Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK)

Click here to access cmak.exe 

CMAK.EXE is a self-extracting file 

The information provided in this folder is to be used in conjuction with the scenarios and planning information contained in the IEAK Resource Kit in "Chapter 14: Customizing Connection Management Settings." These scenarios and samples are intended to facilitate understanding and development of an initial Connection Manager service profile. The Connection Manager Administration Kit is included in the Internet Explorer Administration Kit.


To open a sample profile, first copy it to the CMAK folder, and then open it in CMAK. For example, for scenario 1:

  1. Copy the LocalISP folder to 

    C:\Program Files\CMAK\Profiles\LocalISP. 

  2. Start the Connection Manager Administration Kit. 

  3. In the Service Profile Source dialog box, click Edit this existing profile, and then select LocalISP. 

Clicking Next to advance to the other dialog boxes will enable you to see how the different options in CMAK are specified for the sample scenario.

Important These samples are for demonstration and learning purposes only. They are not to be reproduced or distributed. The service profiles are provided on an "as-is" basis, and no support is provided for them. In order to see the Connection Manager UI, you can install each of the sample service profiles on your computer by running the .exe file located in each folder, and then running the installed program. However, because these sample service profiles do not contain valid access numbers or server addresses, you cannot connect using these samples.


The planning worksheet in the Planning Worksheet folder has the same content as the worksheet found at the end of the "Phase one: Planning" section of the CMAK Guide (CMAK Help). It is provided here in .htm format only as a convenient way to access and print the worksheet. It is provided on an "as-is" basis, and no support is provided for it.


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