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Introducing SharePoint Team Services and FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions
SharePoint Team Services and FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions Architecture
Windows Security Model
FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions Security Under UNIX
System Requirements
SharePoint Team Services Requirements
FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions Requirements
Installing SharePoint Team Services
Installing FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions
Running Unattended Setup
Upgrading from FrontPage Server Extensions and Office Server Extensions
Administration Tools
HTML Administration
Command-line Administration
Using the Administration Tools Remotely
Setting Configuration Properties
Configuring Web Sites
Configuring Properties for a Virtual Server
Setting Installation Defaults
Customizing a SharePoint Team Web Site
Creating a New Virtual Server
Optimizing Web Site Performance
User Management
Managing Roles
Managing Users
Managing Web Site Permissions
Delegating Administration Tasks to Site Owners
Limiting User Accounts
Inviting Members to a Site
Data Management
Managing the Database
Backing Up and Restoring Data
Managing Web Document Discussions and Subscriptions
Configuring Support for Database Integration with a Web Site
Site Management
Monitoring Server Health
Managing Source Control
Analyzing Web Site Usage
Scheduling Timed Jobs
Searching SharePoint Team Web Sites and FrontPage-Based Web Sites
Migrating Databases and Sites
ISP and Corporate Advanced Customization
Allowing Self-Service Site Creation
Adapting FrontPage Server Extensions for Large Web Presence Providers
Authenticating Users Separately For Each Virtual Server
Connecting Web Sites to UNC Network Shares
Files and Permissions on Internet Information Service
Files and Permissions on Apache
Special Directories and Storage Locations
Source Code for Fpexe.c
Source Code for the FrontPage Apache Module
Command-line Reference
Command-line Operations
Command-line Parameters
Command-line Properties
User Rights
Command-line Options for Setupse.exe
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