Deploying Exchange 2010

Applies to: Exchange Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2010-05-04

The deployment phase is the period during which you install Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 into your production environment. Before you begin the deployment phase, you should plan your Exchange organization. For more information, see Planning for Exchange 2010.

Use the following links to access the information you need to help you with deploying Exchange 2010.

Exchange 2010 Prerequisites

This topic discusses the system requirements for Exchange 2010.

Exchange 2010 Deployment Assistant

Learn about the Exchange Server 2010 Deployment Assistant, which is a new Web-based tool that can help you with deployment. It asks you a few questions about your current environment and then generates a custom checklist and procedures that help simplify your deployment.

Deployment Security Checklist

This topic describes some recommended steps that you can take to harden the messaging environment before you install Exchange 2010.

Configure the DNS Suffix Search List for a Disjoint Namespace

In some scenarios, if you have a disjoint namespace, you must configure the DNS suffix search list to include multiple DNS suffixes. This topic discusses the procedure to use if your organization falls within one of these scenarios.

New Installation of Exchange 2010

This topic discusses the scenario in which you install Exchange 2010 into a new Exchange organization.

Upgrade to Exchange 2010

See the topics in this section for information about upgrading your Exchange organization. Upgrade is the scenario in which you upgrade an existing Exchange organization to Exchange 2010. Upgrade differs from coexistence. Coexistence is the scenario in which multiple versions of Exchange are deployed as a single Exchange organization. These multiple versions of Exchange can communicate with each other and share data resources, recipient information, and configuration information.

Exchange 2010 Post-Installation Tasks

After you install Exchange 2010, you must configure your Exchange servers. Some post-installation tasks are required to complete the deployment of your Exchange 2010 organization. These tasks apply to features that are enabled by default but require additional configuration. Other post-installation tasks are optional and are for configuring additional features.

Modify or Remove Exchange 2010

See this section for information about removing and modifying Exchange 2010. In some situations, you may want to remove Exchange 2010 from a server or from your entire organization. You may also want to remove only one Exchange 2010 server role from a physical server or add an additional server role to a server.

Installation Guide Templates

These topics provides you with templates that you can use as a starting point for formally documenting your organization's server build procedures for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 servers that will have the various server roles installed on them.

Exchange 2010 Servicing

See this section for details about how Microsoft services and updates Exchange 2010. These topics outline the servicing strategy for Exchange 2010, list the updates that are available for Exchange 2010, and provide basic information about how to apply the appropriate updates.