Mobile Application Development

The topics in this section describe how to design and develop a BizTalk RFID Mobile application. The following quick links take you to the topics that explain common application development tasks.

Synchronous Command Execution

Synchronous Command Model

Explains synchronous command model of BizTalk RFID Mobile.

Using the Synchronous Command Model

Explains how to execute synchronous commands on RFID Mobile devices with some code examples.

Tag Data Translation

Tag Data Translation (TDT) Library

Gives you a brief overview of the TDT (Tag Data Translation) standard, the TDT library that ships with BizTalk RFID, and the object model of the TDT library.

Using the Tag Data Translation (TDT) Library

Shows you how to use the TDT library in synchronous and asynchronous scenarios for encoding/decoding and translations.

Barcode Scanner Support in Applications

Implementing Barcode Scanner Support in Applications

Describes how to synchronously access data from a barcode scanner and how to access barcode data from an event handler that handles barcode events.

Trigger Support in Applications

Implementing Trigger Support in Applications

Describes how to handle trigger input directly by handling keyboard events, or indirectly by processing notification events raised by the BizTalk RFID Mobile platform when the platform receives the trigger input.

Managing BizTalk RFID Mobile Programmatically

Managing RFID Programmatically

Describes how to programmatically manage BizTalk RFID on mobile devices.

Storing and Forwarding an Event on an RFID Mobile Device

BizTalk RFID Server Connector Architecture

Describes the features provided by the RFID Server Connector object model including storing and forwarding an event from a mobile device to a server.

How to Store and Forward an Event on an RFID Mobile Device

Shows you how to store and forward an event from a RFID mobile device to an RFID server with some example code.

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