This topic describes the samples that ship with BizTalk RFID Mobile.

BizTalk RFID Mobile Samples

The following list contains the names and descriptions of the samples that are shipped with BizTalk RFID Mobile.


Name Sample directory name in the package Description

CE Provider Template


This sample ships with a Visual Studio template that can be used to write DSPI device providers for devices running Windows CE 5.0, Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 6.0 (Classic or Professional), or Windows Mobile 6.1 (Professional)

My First CE Provider


The MyFirstCEProvider sample shows how to create a provider for a Windows CE device using the BizTalk RFID Mobile object model.

Read Tags Application


The ReadTags sample describes how to receive an event from an RFID Mobile provider and either store the event in a local sink or else forward the event to an RFID server.

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