BizTalk RFID Tutorials

The BizTalk RFID tutorials contain simple scenarios to give new users a feel for the capabilities of BizTalk RFID. Use the following tutorials to learn how to use BizTalk RFID:

  • Tutorial: Order Fulfillment - Provides step-by-step instructions for implementing a BizTalk RFID solution for an order fulfillment scenario. The walkthroughs in the tutorial guide you to develop the solution in incremental stages where you can test the application at each stage. The tutorial gives you a glimpse of most of the features of BizTalk RFID.

  • Tutorial: Creating an RFID Device Provider - Provides step-by-step instructions to create a provider by using the Provider Template sample. The DSPI Provider sample is available on the BizTalk Server media (BizTalk Server > RFID > Samples > Provider Template). The tutorial also shows how to use RFID Manager to test a provider at each step of development instead of implementing the entire provider before starting to test it.

  • Tutorial: Supply Chain - Provides step-by-step instructions for implementing a BizTalk RFID solution that enables you to receive parts from a supplier into inventory and assemble them first into subassemblies, and then into assemblies. This tutorial also shows you how to package the assemblies into cartons and ship them to customers. At each step in the process, this tutorial shows how to use the Contoso device simulator to scan the tags as they are assembled into "bigger" pieces.

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