This section provides information about how to understand, use, and implement BizTalk RFID features. The following topics are discussed:

  • Developing device providers for communication with devices.

  • Testing device compatibility with BizTalk RFID.

  • Developing applications to interface with devices to perform various functions such as print tags, read tags, and write tags.

  • Effectively managing all devices connected to BizTalk RFID.

  • Filtering irrelevant events by using business rules.

  • Raising alarms when events such as device failure, power failure, and process stop occur, and implementing suited corrective actions.

  • Simulating various devices to facilitate application design independent of physical devices.

The sample code that is provided in this section shows how BizTalk RFID helps meet these objectives. In the Order Fulfillment scenario, sample code is presented where applicable to illustrate specific business cases and to guide you through development. For more information, see Order Fulfillment Scenario.

The subsections in this section include a description of the business context and specific technical details of the Order Fulfillment scenario, together with a data flow diagram and code examples for the Order Fulfillment scenario that focus on the technical details covered in the subsections.

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