Microsoft BizTalk Server RFID 2013 R2 Help

Welcome to Microsoft BizTalk RFID Help, which includes a variety of resources that can help you learn to develop, deploy, administer, and use BizTalk RFID.



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Getting Started

Information about new features, prerequisites, and topics for users who are new to BizTalk RFID.

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BizTalk RFID Tutorials

Step-by-step instructions for learning how to use BizTalk RFID.

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Scenarios for BizTalk RFID Solutions

Information about scenarios that illustrate various considerations for designing, building, and running BizTalk RFID solutions.

Common tasks and walkthroughs icon

Common Tasks and Walkthroughs

Step-by-step instructions for commonly performed administrative, development, and deployment tasks.

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Names and descriptions of the samples that are available for BizTalk RFID.

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Community Resources

BizTalk RFID community resources such as blogs and forums.

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