Reviewing the Network Essentials Summary

Updated: July 22, 2009

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard

The Network Essentials Summary section on the Home page in the Windows SBS Console provides an overview of the status of your network. The server assesses each security component for overall status and displays the information in the Network Essentials Summary. Using the summary, you can quickly determine the status of your network, and then click the link for any alert to go directly to the tab in the Windows SBS Console where you can take action or learn more about the issue.

The following table lists and describes the four essential network components.

Network essentials components

Network Essential Component Description

d828b931-699c-4f3a-8c7a-48ca5d3b90fb   Security

Displays the status of the network security components. The status includes virus protection for the file system and e-mail, spam protection for e-mail, spyware and other malware protection for the server and client computers, and server and client computer firewalls. Information about how to monitor and manage the network security components is contained in this document.

f03ee98c-ea12-4cc1-b64e-4d71aaf5c66c   OK

The Windows SBS 2008 network is operating normally.

e4a11f36-2c03-42c9-abad-58cdf1a38487   Warning

One or more security components has returned a warning condition.

5b6e0dfe-5a06-476a-bc49-c176bcbedd6b   Critical

One or more alert conditions exist.

f36f4c34-bd41-41b8-9bb1-46ace1eb8130   Updates

Displays the status of software updates for the computers on your network. For information about managing updates, see “Managing Software Updates in Windows Small Business Server 2008” at the Microsoft Web site (

f03ee98c-ea12-4cc1-b64e-4d71aaf5c66c   OK

Software Updates is running, and updates are being applied successfully.

e4a11f36-2c03-42c9-abad-58cdf1a38487   Warning

One or more servers or client computers on the network did not install an approved update. Check whether these computers are online.

5b6e0dfe-5a06-476a-bc49-c176bcbedd6b   Critical

One or more of the following critical alert conditions was encountered:

  • The last synchronization with Microsoft Update failed. You must run Synchronize now manually.

  • Cannot contact the Update Services database. Verify that the Windows Internal Database service is running.

  • The Update Services internal components returned an error.

  • One or more updates were not installed successfully.


The Software Updates configuration was modified and no longer meets the recommended configuration. An unknown state exists, and an error message will be displayed. Consider restoring the Software Update settings to the default values.

213f2f32-ca0a-4539-9f14-cd5e839ff115   Backup

Displays the status of Backup. For information about enabling and scheduling regular backups, see “Backing Up and Restoring Data on Windows Small Business Server 2008” at the Microsoft Web site (

f03ee98c-ea12-4cc1-b64e-4d71aaf5c66c   OK

The server backup finished successfully.

e4a11f36-2c03-42c9-abad-58cdf1a38487   Warning

  • A server backup is in progress.

  • No previous server backups are available.

  • Backup is not configured in Windows SBS 2008.

5b6e0dfe-5a06-476a-bc49-c176bcbedd6b   Critical

The last Windows SBS 2008 backup attempt was unsuccessful.

52ea5363-8bc0-4b79-b7f3-77ed75b01a7d   Other Alerts

Displays alerts for servers and client computers on the network. To learn more about the alerts, click Go to Computers, and then, in the Tasks pane, click View computer alerts.

f03ee98c-ea12-4cc1-b64e-4d71aaf5c66c   OK

No critical alerts were reported.

e4a11f36-2c03-42c9-abad-58cdf1a38487   Warning

One or more client computers on the network have reported an alert.

5b6e0dfe-5a06-476a-bc49-c176bcbedd6b    Critical

One or more servers on the network have reported an alert.

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