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Animated Bitmap Tools

Before preparing graphics for the logo, consult your license agreement to verify that this customization is legally available to you.

Two separate tools are included with the IEAK to help you create customized animated bitmaps for your browser:

  • The Animated Bitmap Creator takes a series of sequentially numbered bitmaps and stacks them into one bitmap with the correct form for animation.

  • The Animated Bitmap Previewer allows you to preview the animation of the bitmap. This tool can also be used to display any correctly formatted bitmap.

Be sure to use the correct size and format for the bitmaps. For more information, review Creating Customized Graphics.

Note Note

  • These tools are provided for the benefit of the administrator and are not for distribution as supported Microsoft products. Both tools are found in the \<IEAK program folder>\Toolkit\Graphics\Tools folder.

Animated Bitmap Creator (Makebmp.exe)

To run this tool, type the following at an MS-DOS command prompt:

makebmp basename numfiles outputname

Syntax Element



Name of the tool


Root file name common to all the files (without numbers or the .bmp extension)


Number of bitmaps to sequentially add to the animation file


File name of the output file (you must include the .bmp file extension)


To combine files Bitmap0.bmp through Bitmap19.bmp, type the following:

makebmp bitmap 20 final.bmp

Note Note 

  • Sequentially number the files beginning with 0. For example, Iebmp0.bmp Iebmp1.bmp Iebmp2.bmp ... Iebmp24.bmp. The basename of these 25 files is Iebmp.

Animated Bitmap Previewer (Animbmp.exe)

You can start the previewer either from an MS-DOS command prompt or from Windows Explorer. After Animbmp.exe is started, there are two ways to preview an animated bitmap: drag the file into the box, or click the File menu, and then click Open. The lead-in frames are shown only once, then the bitmap loops continuously.

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