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Chapter 10 - Print Preview

This chapter describes the new Print Preview feature of Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6, which makes it easier to work with Web pages on the Internet or your intranet. You can learn how to use Print Preview and then apply this information when you respond to users' questions about this feature.

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  • For more information about using the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard to control access to Internet Explorer features, see "Running the Microsoft Internet Explorer Customization Wizard." 

Overview: Previewing Web Pages

Print Preview enables you to instantly preview a Web page so that you can see how the page will look when you print it. This Internet Explorer feature is similar to Print Preview in other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel.

With Print Preview, you can:

  • Preview each Web page as it will appear in printed form. 

  • Select the specific pages that you want to print. 

  • Zoom in and out to view Web page details. 

Using Print Preview

This section describes how to add a Print Preview button to your Internet Explorer toolbar so that you can quickly use this feature. Also, you can learn how to preview a Web page and use Print Preview commands to customize your page preview.

Adding a Print Preview Toolbar Button

You can make it easier to use Print Preview by adding a Print Preview button to your Internet Explorer toolbar.

To add the Print Preview button to the Internet Explorer toolbar

  1. To add an Internet Explorer toolbar button, right-click the toolbar, and then click Customize

  2. In the Available toolbar buttons list, click Print Preview, and then click Add


    Print Preview moves to the Current toolbar buttons list. 

  3. Click Close

Previewing a Web Page

You can click Print Preview to instantly see how a Web page will look when you print it. Then you can use Print Preview commands to customize your page preview.

To preview the appearance of a printed Web page

  1. On the File menu, click Print Preview


    If you added the Print Preview button to your Internet Explorer toolbar, click the button. 

  2. Choose from the following commands to customize your page preview. When your mouse pointer hovers on the Print Preview toolbar buttons, the command names and shortcut keys appear.

    Click this button

    To do this

    Shortcut key

    Print Document 

    Set printing options and print the page. 


    Page Setup 

    Change paper, headers and footers, orientation, and margins for this page. 


    First Page 

    Display the first page to be printed. 


    Previous Page 

    Display the previous page to be printed. 


    Preview Page 

    Type the number of the page you want to display. 


    Next Page 

    Display the next page to be printed. 


    Last Page 

    Display the last page to be printed. 


    Zoom Out 

    Decrease the magnification. 


    Zoom In 

    Increase the magnification. 


    Zoom List 

    Display a list of zoom percentages. 


    Print Preview Help 

    Read Help topics about Print Preview. 



    Close the Print Preview window. 


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