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Customization for Corporate Administrators

The IEAK enables you to create a customized hands-free installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer that fits the needs of your organization.

Customizing the Setup program

  • Customize the appearance of the Windows Update Setup program and configure installation modes (such as the Standard and Minimal installations).

  • Point users to Internet or intranet servers to access the latest product versions.

  • Roll out internal programs, custom scripts, or maintenance scripts when your users install Internet Explorer.

  • Specify the language version of Internet Explorer to include in the installation package. You must run the Internet Explorer 6 Customization Wizard once for each language version you want to create.

Customizing the browser and Windows Desktop Update

  • Specify the home, Search, and support pages you want to use.

  • Load links and folders into the Favorites list.

  • Change the title bar and logos of the browser and Outlook Express. The Outlook Express title bar is updated if you distribute Outlook Express as part of your package, or if it is already installed on your users' computers.

  • Create a default desktop for your organization and determine which settings a user can change.

For an illustration of how branding is applied to your customized browser, see How Customization Works.

Managing security and ratings

  • Install certificates on a user's computer and block users from downloading other certificates.

  • Set your users' rating configurations to adhere to your organization's policies.

  • Set a corporate standard disclaimer for any Install postings created by users in your organization.

  • Use security zones to establish different levels of security and zones of trust.

  • Specify proxy settings for addresses and ports.

Important Important 

  • Some features may not be available, depending on your license agreement. For more information, consult your contract.

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