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Updating Protection Agents behind a Firewall

Updated: November 1, 2009

Applies To: Data Protection Manager, System Center Data Protection Manager 2007

If you installed Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1) you must update the protection agents on the computers you are protecting. For more information about DPM 2007 SP1, see Knowledge Base article 959605 “Description of System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 Service Pack 1” (

To update protection agents on computers that reside behind a firewall, perform the following procedure.

To update a protection agent behind a firewall

  1. On the DPM 2007 server, obtain the Update Protection Agent package from the DPM installation directory located at: \DPM\Agents\RA\2.0.8793.0, and then run DPMAgentInstaller_KB959605.exe from the appropriate folder.

    • x86 systems: i386\ <Language ID>

    • x64 systems: amd64\ <Language ID>

  2. Run the appropriate DPMAgentInstaller_KB959605.exe package on each protected computer.

    The Installation wizard for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package may appear. Complete the Installation wizard, and once it completes successfully, the DPM 2007 SP1 Installation wizard will appear. Follow the instructions to complete the protection agent update.

  3. On the DPM server, in DPM Administrator Console, click the Management tab, and then click the Agents tab.

  4. Select the protected computers, and then verify that the protection agent version is 2.0.8793.0.

If the update is unsuccessful, you can view the alerts in the Monitoring task area on the Alerts tab.

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