Steps for Deploying InfiniBand Device Drivers with NetworkDirect Support in Windows HPC Server


Updated: May 11, 2011

Applies To: Windows HPC Server 2008 R2, Windows HPC Server 2008

The following checklist describes the overall process of using a node template to deploy InfiniBand device drivers with NetworkDirect support on a Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 cluster or a Windows HPC Server 2008 cluster. Each task in the checklist is linked to the section in this document that describes the steps to perform the task.

Step 1: Prepare for Your Deployment - IBPrepare for your deployment by downloading the latest version of the InfiniBand device drivers with NetworkDirect support, installing the networking hardware on all the nodes in your HPC cluster, and installing the necessary software on your head node.
Step 2: Deploy and Configure the Head NodeDeploy and configure the head node of your HPC cluster.
Step 3: Create and Configure the Node TemplateCreate and configure a node template that includes a task to deploy the InfiniBand device drivers.
Step 4: Add the InfiniBand Device Drivers for the Operating System ImagesAdd the InfiniBand device drivers to the head node, so that they are available to the operating system images during the deployment of compute nodes.
Step 5: Add Compute Nodes to the ClusterDeploy the compute nodes in your HPC cluster using the node template that you created.