Event ID 2004 — RAC Operational Events

Updated: January 8, 2009

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2


Operational events for the Reliability Analysis Component detail the status of data collection and analysis.

Event Details

Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 2004
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Reliability-Analysis-Engine
Version: 6.1
Message: Reliability Analysis encountered an error. Reliability Analysis error code is %1. Windows error code is %2.


Reset RAC data collection

The Reliability Analysis Component is designed to be self-correcting. An error reading or writing to the database does not necessarily mean that future data will not be collected.

If a four- or five-digit Windows Error Code is included, you can find the explanation of the error code on the web at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=83027. Frequently, resolving the Windows error will allow RAC to self-correct. For example, if the system drive is full, RAC cannot write to the data directory. Freeing disk space on the system drive will allow RAC to self-correct and generate a system stability index on the following day.

However, in rare cases RAC may be unable to read previous data or resolve the error. When this occurs you can delete the old RAC data, allowing RAC to begin collecting and calculating a new system stability index.

Caution: You cannot recover old RAC data once you have deleted it from the RAC program directory. You should only delete RAC program data after multiple occurrences of this error on consecutive days, and only after you have reviewed the included Windows Error Code and corrected any issues it identifies.

Membership in the local Administrators group is required to complete this procedure.

To delete old RAC program data:

  1. Click Start, click All Programs, and click Accessories.
  2. Right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.
  3. At the command prompt, type del %PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\RAC\* and then press ENTER.
  4. When prompted for confirmation, type Y.


Reliability Monitor uses RAC data to generate a graph of system stability over time and provides details about events that affect the stability index.

To verify that RAC data is being collected and the System Stability Index is being calculated:

  1. Click Start, click in the Start Search box, type perfmon /rel, and then press ENTER.
  2. Verify that data exists up to and including the previous calendar day.

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