Verifying Communicator Web Access Requirements

Communications Server 2007 R2

Topic Last Modified: 2009-01-25

Before you install Communicator Web Access (2007 R2 release), keep in mind that this is not a stand-alone program. You cannot install Communicator Web Access (2007 R2 release) unless you have first installed Office Communications Server 2007 R2 somewhere in your Active Directory forest. In addition, Communicator Web Access (2007 R2 release) is not an upgrade from the previous version. Instead, it is a new program. To install Communication Web Access (2007 R2 release) you must install it to a new computer, or first delete the previous version of the software from an existing computer.

If you plan to re-use the previous computer it is important to note that Communicator Web Access (2007 R2 release) runs only on 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system.

Other Communicator Web Access requirements, for both the server and the client, are detailed in the following sections of this Deployment Guide:

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