No MX Records were Found for the Specified SMTP Domain


Topic Last Modified: 2009-11-18

The Microsoft Exchange Analyzer tool performs a Domain Name Service (DNS) lookup to locate a list of Mail Exchanger (MX) records that match the SMTP domain being tested. If no MX records are returned in the list, then the test will fail with the following error.

"No MX records found in DNS for SMTP domain (Domain Name)"

Unless the DNS zone for your domain includes MX records, inbound SMTP e-mail may not be able to be properly delivered for that SMTP domain.

The DNS lookup of the MX record(s) for the SMTP domain could fail because the MX record(s) could be missing on the DNS server.

To correct this error
  1. Use the nslookup.exe utility to verify that the Mail Exchanger (MX) record exists on the DNS server.

  2. If the MX resource record does not exist, manually add or modify the resource record. If your external DNS zone is hosted by a third party, you may have to contact that company or use custom tools to make these DNS modifications.

For information about how to troubleshoot DNS, see "Troubleshooting DNS" (

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