Updates tab

Updated: March 10, 2009

Applies To: Windows SBS 2008

The Updates tab is the main location for managing Update Services. You can use this tab to access the following Update Services administrative tasks:

  • View the overall status of approved and optional updates. The Updates tab lists updates both for servers and for client computers.

  • View the basic settings for software updates. For example, you can see the update level for the Client Computers group.

You can also use the following tasks on the Update tab to perform specific management tasks.


Global Task Result

Synchronize now

Initiates a Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) synchronization of any newly published updates.

Change software update settings

Opens the Software Update Settings dialog, where you can change settings related to the following:

  • Server updates level

  • Client-computer updates level

  • The updates schedule for both the Server Computers group and the Client Computers group

  • Computer group membership

In many cases, you may not need to change the default settings. However, if you do need to change them, use the Software Update Settings dialog box.

To view the default settings in the Software Update Settings dialog box, see Update Services Default Configuration.

Refresh this view

Updates the Updates tab with the most recent information.

Right-click an item on the Updates tab to access additional administrative tasks.


Object Specific Task Result

Deploy the update

Informs WSUS that the update is approved for installation.

Decline the update

Removes the selected update from installation by Update Services.

View the update deployment report

Displays the update deployment status for all computers in the domain.

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