SharePoint Commerce Services

SharePoint Commerce Services allow you to integrate Commerce Server 2009 R2 with SharePoint Foundation 2010 or SharePoint Server 2010. The SharePoint Commerce Services include the Solution Storefront site, a rich, out-of-the-box shopping Web site that includes over 30 Web Parts and controls that you can combine and deploy on a SharePoint site to provide a full e-commerce retail-shopping site for your customers. The Web Parts act as a SharePoint-based interface to Commerce Server 2009 R2 that lets you quickly design, deploy, and maintain a full e-commerce site with Web browser support on a number of platforms.

To use the SharePoint Commerce Services, you must configure and deploy the services to your SharePoint infrastructure using the Commerce Server SharePoint Commerce Services Configuration tool. The tool performs a series of tasks required to deploy the services you select, such as creating a Web application in SharePoint, unpacking a Commerce Server site, deploying the solution files that contain the SharePoint Commerce Services in SharePoint, and activating features in SharePoint. You can deploy the Solution Storefront site to a new or existing Web application, or deploy the Web Parts only to an existing Web application. if you are upgrading from an earlier Commerce Server version, you can also upgrade existing Web Parts to Commerce Server 2009 R2.

You must have a supported release of SharePoint Foundation 2010 or SharePoint Server 2010 installed on your machine before you can deploy the SharePoint Commerce Services. See Minimum Hardware Requirements for more information about platform requirements.

When you run the SharePoint Commerce Services Configuration utility, you must use a user account that has the following permissions:

  • Local administrator permissions on the server where you installed Commerce Server 2009 R2.

  • Administrative privileges in SharePoint (granted through SharePoint Central Administration).

  • Privileges to access the Commerce Server Admin database (MSCS_Admin).