Understanding Management Pack Operations

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007

Two types of client monitoring are available in this management pack: Aggregate Client monitoring and Business Critical Client monitoring. You can implement both types of client monitoring in your network environment.

Aggregate Client monitoring is supported for Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Aggregate Client monitoring gathers health information for representative computers that you select and uses the data to provide trending information in reports. For example, an administrator might select computers that have a specific hardware configuration in order to receive performance trending data on one component of the hardware configuration. The information gathered through Aggregate Client monitoring is stored in the Operations Manager database and can be used to create reports that display trend information.

Business Critical Client monitoring is the most extensive monitoring available for Windows clients. This type of monitoring gathers health information about designated individual client computers. Like server monitoring, each client with this type of monitoring has individual monitors and alerts that an administrator can use to maintain a constant state of operational functionality. Use this type of monitoring for your mission-critical client computers. Mission-critical client computers are the client computers in your organization that must be available at all times and must have a reliable and constant connection to an Operations Manager management server.