Troubleshooting PerformancePoint Server

PerformancePoint Server 2007

Updated: 2009-04-09

The following information is provided to aid in diagnosing and resolving problems with PerformancePoint Planning Server and PerformancePoint Monitoring Server. This article describes problems that might affect either Planning Server or Monitoring Server.

For information about troubleshooting problems that are specific to Planning Server or Monitoring Server, see the following article:

Consider the following items for both Planning Server and Monitoring Server:

  • Check Event Viewer or the local server log first when looking for errors or when working to resolve an unknown issue.

  • When you configure ports that are used by Planning Server or Monitoring Server, no usage check is performed by the configuration manager. Be sure to verify that any ports you specify in server configuration settings are not currently used by any existing service. The configuration manager uses any port that you specify, which could result in a non-functional configuration.

  • During the installation of Planning Web Service and Monitoring Server Web Service, a momentary Internet Information Services (IIS) disruption will cause a short downtime for all Web sites and Web services for all specified IIS servers.

  • The WatsonReport flag value in the PerformancePoint.config file is set to False by default. This means that service and server crashes and failures will not be logged to Watson by default. To enable Watson logging, set the WatsonReport flag to True.

  • Timeout expired   The time-out period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

  • ALTER DATABASE statement failed   The PerformancePoint database being installed is corrupt and is neither usable nor re-configurable. Delete the database and re-run PerformancePoint setup.

  • Uninstall fails with an error   This might be because one or more files required to uninstall the application are locked. To resolve this issue, perform the following procedure for both Planning Server and Monitoring Server.

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