TechNet webcast: Workload scenarios and reference architecture (Office Project Server 2007)

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Updated: July 13, 2009


Topic Last Modified: 2009-07-14

This webcast covers Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 workload scenarios and reference architecture to help you plan your deployment. We discuss typical product operations categorized by user roles and how they affect performance. Typical reference architecture is presented based on key capacity planning characteristics. This webcast is part of a series targeted at IT professionals. The series presents detailed discussions of key aspects to consider when you evaluate, plan, deploy, and operate Office Project Server 2007. Main considerations are discussed for planning for high-availability deployments — when to scale up and out, points of failure, and software/hardware boundaries.

The recorded webcast can be accessed by registering online at: TechNet Webcast: Microsoft Office Project Server 2007: Workload Scenarios and Reference Architecture (Level 300) (

The Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentation used in the Webcast can be downloaded at: Slideshows to accompany Project Server 2007 webcasts (

The presentation file that corresponds to this specific Webcast is 3 Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 - Workload Scenarios and Reference Architecture.pptx.