Installing DCS on a 64-bit Computer

You can install DCS server on a 64-bit machine, but CCF does not support installing DCS Software Factory (DCS Business Visual Studio Extensions) on a 64-bit machine. However, software factory is required for DCS to communicate with the CCF server. As a workaround, you can install the DCS Software Factory on a 64-bit machine remotely from a 32-bit machine, and configure it appropriately.

To install DCS Software Factory in a 64-bit environment:

  1. Install the Distributed Connectivity Services component on the 64-bit CCF server. For more information on installing DCS, see Performing a Clean DCS SP1 Installation.
  2. In a 32-bit machine, connected to the 64-bit DCS server, install Developer Tools and Samples> DCS Software Factory component. For more information on installing CCF components, see Installing DCS on a 64-bit Computer. This initiates the DCS Business Visual Studio Extensions installation. During installation, ensure the following:
    • In the Services Configuration screen: Ensure that Discovery Service Uri and DCS management database server name point to the 64-bit machine (where DCS is installed).
    • In the Services Configuration Database screen: Ensure that Service Configuration Server Name and Security Token Service Uri name point to the 64-bit machine.
    • In Workflow Persistence Configuration screen: Ensure that workflow persistence server points to the 64-bit machine.
  3. Copy the DCS Configuration Scripts to the 32-bit machine, and run the RegisterCCFServices script. For more information, see Running DCS Configuration Scripts. Ensure that you enter the server name as the 64-bit machine.
  4. Run the SwitchOnDCS script on the 64-bit machine.