Deployment Scenarios and Use Cases

CCF 2009 SP1 can be deployed in different scenarios, depending on the size and characteristics of the network, as well as your contact center requirements. CCF components can be installed together on one machine, or distributed across multiple machines, depending on the operating systems and the size of the network. The following sections provide broad-level scenarios and use cases for your deployment.

Branch offices typically function with a large degree of autonomy while acting according to the policies and requirements of the corporate head office. Branch offices might also elect to maintain their own local data and applications. However, from a customer-care perspective, it is important that all branches have access to the relevant data and services required to handle enquiries from customers that contact the branch, and to be able amend this information as necessary.

If the information required is located outside of the branch, then this access will require retrieving the data or contacting services running over a network, with all the associated issues of scalability, availability, reliability, performance, and security.