Configuring the Configuration System

The configuration system was developed in order to manage application configuration. You can create Visual Studio projects to manage your application configurations. The system provides a mechanism to assemble configuration statements hierarchically giving an add-on from manageability perspective.

The configuration system consists of three components:

  • Config Server Service: The service consists of a WCF service exposed as a DCS end point. The services received requests from clients, retrieves the configuration information, and sends the configuration information to the client.
  • Config Server Client: The client component requests for the configuration information, and stores the configuration information. Applications can access the configuration information using standard configuration APIs. The client component also consists of a persistor that updates the local configuration of the application.
  • Config Server Management Console: You can use the management console to manage the configuration file. The console allows you to add, edit, and delete configuration sections, as well as navigate the hierarchies of assertions.