DCS Installation Types

Typically, a Microsoft DCS deployment falls into one of the following categories:

  •  Single server – Installs all DCS services on a single server. In this scenario, SQL Server can be local or remote.
  •  Multiple servers – Distributes services across many servers.
  • Adding capacity – Adds capacity to an existing DCS environment. For example, this type of deployment would be used to deploy DCS Discovery Service on multiple servers while using a single database instance. In this example, you would start the Setup program, select only the Discovery Service, and remove all other selections.

In addition, there are three scenarios for Microsoft DCS SP1 installation:

  • Clean Installation – Installs Microsoft DCS SP1 on a computer that does not have any version of Microsoft DCS installed on it.
  • Upgrade Installation – Installs Microsoft DCS SP1 installation on a computer that has the Microsoft DCS 1.0 runtime installed on it.
  • Maintenance Installation – Reinstalls Microsoft DCS SP1 on a computer that has Microsoft DCS SP1 version installed. You use a maintenance installation to modify, repair, or remove Microsoft DCS SP1.

The walkthrough installation procedures in this chapter address each of these deployment scenarios.