Managing General Settings

To modify settings:

  1. In the Admin Console, expand the root node <machineName>in the left-hand tree pane.
  2. Expand the Settings Node.
  3. Click the General Settings Node. All Settings will be listed in the List View pane on the right side of the page as shown below.
  4. Right-click the desired setting and click Modify.
  5. Dd632604.02b627c9-3a0e-49ab-b966-e0cd2ebf70b1(en-us,TechNet.10).png

  6. Settings - General Settings

  7. The Edit Setting window will be displayed as shown below where the administrator can modify the SettingValue.
  8. Dd632604.f3b7a6ba-3890-44e3-8653-6e42817e6b0d(en-us,TechNet.10).png

  9. Edit Setting