Installing CCF Client

To install CCF 2009 SP1 Configuration Server:

  1. On the Product CD, click Setup.
  2. In the Welcome window, click Next.
  3. In License Agreement window, read the End User License Agreement, select the agree button, and click Next.
  4. In the Customer Information window, enter the User Name and Organization and click Next.
  5. In the Installation Environment window, select the Install CCF Components and click Next.
  6. The Custom Setup screen is displayed.

  7. Dd632705.7e93b06a-30f1-4465-b771-813eef6266fa(en-us,TechNet.10).png

  8. In the Custom Setup screen, select the following:
    • Agent Desktop
    • Framework
    • Developer Tools and Samples
  9. Optionally, you can change the installed path by click on Change and choosing an alternative path.
  10. Click OK to display the installation prerequisite check dialog box.
  11. The installation checks for the availability of prerequisites and displays a report. The prerequisites that are not available are marked with an error symbol. Ensure you have all the prerequisites installed and click OK.

  12. Dd632705.cd2945fa-fc7a-4162-8f1b-7532ba46b71b(en-us,TechNet.10).png

  13. The Server Configuration screen is displayed.

  14. Dd632705.1e65085f-4371-46bb-b466-d27880e58893(en-us,TechNet.10).png

  15. In the Server Configuration window, enter the server information and click Next.
  16. In the Ready to Install screen, click Install to start the installation.
  17. The Post Installation Scripts screen is displayed after the installation is complete.

  18. Click Next in the Post Installation Scripts screen to complete the installation.
  19. Click Finish. You will have to restart the machine for the changes to take effect.