Managing Hosted Applications

Hosted Applications are the line-of-business applications that are hosted in the Agent desktop, and are used by Agents during their normal business. The Hosted Application section of the Admin Console, allows you to search, add, assign, and manage applications hosted in the Agent Desktop. Hosted Applications can be of the following types:

  • Windows Control: used to host a windows control inside Agent Desktop.
  • Web Application: used to host a web application. The web application could include web controls as well as java applets.
  • External Application: used to host external applications.

CCF 2009 uses Data Driven Adapters (DDAs), which you can configure the XML descriptions of the user interface, to host applications in the Agent Desktop. You can use the Hosted Application Toolkit to create DDAs, which you can assign an application in Admin Console.

The following topics discuss how to search, create, modify, sort, and delete hosted applications: