Configuring Inter-Organization and Internet Mail Flow Synthetic Transactions

Applies To: Exchange Server, Operations Manager 2007 R2

For inter-organization mail flow transactions or mail flow transactions to the Internet, cross-organization mail flow needs to be configured. This method will work for any destination mail service that is able to generate a delivery receipt and accepts SMTP addresses. Perform the following steps to configure inter-organization mail flow:

To configure inter-organization and Internet mail flow transactions

  1. Go to Object Discoveries under the Authoring node in the Operations console. Ensure that your console is not scoped to a subset of management pack objects.

  2. Ensure that the Look for box is visible by selecting Find in the View menu in the Operations console.

  3. In the Look for box, type Cross and click Find now. A list of object discoveries appears.

  4. Right-click the Exchange 2007 Mail Flow Cross Organization Discovery, click Overrides, click Override the Object Discovery, and then click For a specific object of type: Exchange 2007 Mailbox Role. The Select Object message box appears.

  5. Select the Exchange 2007 Mailbox server you want to use as the source server, and click OK.

  6. The Override Properties dialog box appears.

  7. Change the Target Addresses parameter. It accepts a semicolon-separated list of destination mailboxes to send mail to in the SMTP format, for example,

    The destination mail service must be able to generate a delivery receipt.

  8. Choose a destination management pack to save the override (making sure not to use the default management pack), and click OK.

A discovery will now run that generates a new instance of an inter-organization mail flow perspective. (This discovery runs every 24 hours by default.) To check that the perspective was created, go to the Mail Flow State view, which will show all instances of mail flow perspectives.

It may take some time for the perspective to be created.

This synthetic transaction runs every 30 minutes by default. For instructions about changing the frequency, see Manually Configuring Intra-Site and Inter-Site Mail Flow Synthetic Transactions, the section “Changing the manually created mail flow synthetic transactions”.