Unconfigure UDDI Services

Use the Unconfigure Features button in the UDDI Services Configuration Wizard to undo previously applied configuration settings or to make changes to existing component settings. When you unconfigure a component, that component is no longer enabled. To re-enable a component, you must again use the UDDI Services Configuration Wizard in Custom configuration mode.

Using Unconfigure Features has the following restrictions:

  • Unconfigure Features can only be used in Custom configuration mode.

  • Using Unconfigure Features to unconfigure the Database component does not delete the UDDI database.

  • The Web Application component and the Notification Services component are dependent on the Database component. Unconfiguring the Database component also unconfigures any dependent components.

  • To change configuration settings of a component, you must unconfigure it first and then re-configure it.

To unconfigure UDDI Services components

  1. Open UDDI Services Configuration.

  2. In the UDDI Services Configuration Wizard, click Unconfigure Features.

  3. In the Unconfigure Features dialog box, select the components you want to unconfigure, and then click OK.

  4. In Summary, verify the components that will be unconfigured, and then click Next.

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