This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Create and Configure a Notification Action Account in Operations Manager 2007 Sp1

Updated: November 25, 2008

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007 SP1

The credentials of the Notification action account are used to create and send notifications. Ensure that the credentials for this account have sufficient rights to the servers that send notifications such as the SMTP server used for e-mail notifications or the instant messaging server.

To create and configure the Notification action account

  1. Log on to the computer with an account that is a member of the Operations Manager Administrators role for the Operations Manager 2007 management group.

  2. In the Operations console, click the Administration button.

  3. In the Administration pane, right-click Security, and then click Create Run As Account. Use the Create Run As Account Wizard to create an account to use as the Notification action account, which is used to send the notifications.

    • On the General page, click to select Windows from the Run As Account type drop-down list, and then in Display name, type Notification action account.

    • On the Account page, type in the information for the User name password and domain of the user account that you are creating.

  4. In the Administration pane, click Run As Profiles.

  5. In the details pane, right-click Notification Account, and then click Properties.

  6. In Run As Profile Properties, click the Run As Accounts tab.

  7. Click New, expand the Run As Account list, and then click Notification Action Account.

  8. In the Matching Computers list, double-click the Root Management Server (RMS). Repeat this step for any other secondary management server that you want to use as secondary notification servers. If the RMS fails, the secondary server will send notifications. After all notification servers are on the list, click OK twice.