Book excerpt: Drive Business Performance

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Updated: 2009-05-14

Excerpt from business intelligence book, Drive Business Performance.

Business Performance is a top priority for organizations of all types and sizes.

Leaders know that they can cut costs only so much or acquire new business only so often. Eventually, the increasing business productivity and growing shareholder value depends on the organization’s ability to execute more effectively, while enhancing the performance of each person inside the company.

In order to perform more effectively with what they have, companies must develop capabilities to drive business performance.

Click here to download an excerpt from Drive Business Performance, Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts’ recent bestselling book.

The book refers to a groundbreaking methodology and recounts the experiences of organizations that have developed a “culture of performance.”

It does so with no jargon, provides specific company examples, and offers guidance to help your organization achieve a culture of intelligent execution. You might find its stories and lessons provide good background for your work in this new and challenging economy.

Drs. Kaplan & Norton, of “Balanced Scorecard” fame, praise the book for “moving the field of performance management forward in important new directions," and Tom Davenport, author of “Competing on Analytics” calls it a must read.

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