Mapping your deployment goals to an infrastructure design

Published: January 11, 2010

Updated: February 15, 2013

Applies To: Unified Access Gateway

After you have planned your network infrastructure, and identified your deployment goals, use the following table to select an infrastructure design that meets each of your deployment objectives.

For information on planning your network infrastructure, see Identifying your infrastructure design requirements. For information on identifying your deployment goals, see Identifying your infrastructure deployment goals.


Deployment goal Infrastructure design guide

Deploy a single Forefront UAG server

Single server infrastructure design

Deploy multiple Forefront UAG servers

Multiple server infrastructure design

Deploy Forefront UAG components on remote endpoints, so that endpoints can access Forefront UAG sites and resources and applications published via Forefront UAG

Endpoint component infrastructure design

Control endpoint access by authenticating clients connecting to Forefront UAG sites and published applications

Client authentication infrastructure design

Control endpoint access by verifying the health of endpoints connecting to Forefront UAG, and ensure that endpoints comply with Forefront UAG access policies

Endpoint health checking infrastructure design

Control endpoint access by limiting application access to authorized users and groups

Application authorization infrastructure design

Control endpoint access by configuring some endpoints as privileged and allowing them a different level of access

Privileged (certified) endpoint infrastructure design

Publish internal applications and resources via Forefront UAG, so that remote endpoints can access these applications and resources

Application publishing infrastructure design

Log and monitor Forefront UAG traffic

Logging and monitoring infrastructure design