Process a customer request [AX 2012]

Updated: September 2, 2013

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Customer requests that have been submitted in Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX are received and processed in the Registration form in the Microsoft Dynamics AX client. When you approve and process a customer request, you grant the customer access to your company’s Customer self-service portal.

For more general information about customer requests, see About customer requests.

Use this procedure to approve a customer request. The approver is typically the person who is responsible for creating and maintaining customer master data.

  1. Click Sales and marketing > Setup > Customer self-service > Sign up.

  2. In the Sign-up status field, select Verified by user. Select a customer request.


    By selecting Requested in the Sign-up status field, you can see the customer requests that have been submitted but not yet verified by the requestor.

  3. Review and validate the information that was entered by the customer, such as the company address. Automatic validation does not occur when the customer request is submitted.

  4. Click Approve.

Use this procedure to create a customer in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  1. Click Sales and marketing > Setup > Customer self-service > Sign up.

  2. In the Sign-up status field, select Approved. Select a customer request, and then click Create.

  3. In the Create new customer form, select the Create new customer check box if the request is from a new customer.


    If the request is from a customer who is already in the system, select the customer account in the Existing customer account field to create a new contact for the customer.

  4. In the Customer account template field, select the template that applies to the new customer, if available.


    Using a template speeds up the process of creating customer records. You can create templates that are based on the values in fields in customer records that you specify as template models. The field values of the template are copied to the fields in the new customer record. You can change the fields and enter more information, as appropriate. For more information, see Create a customer record.

  5. Verify the user role that is displayed in the User role field to make sure that the user is assigned the correct security permissions.

  6. Click OK to create the customer account. If a workflow exists for user requests, a user request for the customer is automatically submitted to the user request workflow and the user provisioning process is performed. You can see the user request in the User requests form.

After the customer account is created, you use workflow to start the user provisioning process. This process creates a registered Microsoft Dynamics AX user for the customer contact person who made the request. Creating a user is the final step in processing an unsolicited customer request. Logon information is generated that the customer can use to log on to the Customer self-service portal in Enterprise Portal using the specified authentication method for your company. Depending on how you configure the workflow, an email notification that contains the logon information can be generated and sent to the customer contact person. The user request workflow can be adapted to the actual business processes for your organization.

For more information about the steps that must be completed before a user request is submitted to workflow, see About customer requests.


There are various types of user requests in Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can configure the user request workflow specifically for customers by using the condition User Request.RequestType is Customer. For more information about how to create a user request workflow, see Set up System administration workflows or Create a workflow.

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