About customer requests [AX 2012]

Updated: February 28, 2014

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

A prospective customer might want to submit a request to become a registered customer in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The contact person for the prospective customer company can complete a request on the Sign up page in Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX, where they provide company address information, contact information, and their preferred user logon credentials.

The process for unsolicited customer requests

In this process, one external business role and one business role in the organization are included:

  • The customer contact person – The person from an external business who is responsible for sourcing potential vendors

  • The approver – Typically the person from your organization who is responsible for creating and maintaining customer master data

The customer request process follows these steps:

  1. A prospective customer submits a customer request on the Sign up page in Enterprise Portal.

  2. The customer validates the request.

  3. The request is received in the Registration form in the Microsoft Dynamics AX client. The approver approves the request.

  4. The approver creates a customer record, creates a contact person record, and submits the request to workflow.

  5. The user request workflow performs the user provisioning process. A new registered Microsoft Dynamics AX user is created for the customer contact person.

  6. The workflow automatically generates and sends an email notification that contains Microsoft Dynamics AX logon information to the customer contact person. The customer can log on to the Customer self-service portal in Enterprise Portal by using the specified authentication method for your company.


    You must configure the user request workflow to enable email communication. For more information, see Configure email functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Before customer requests can be submitted and processed, the following configuration steps must be completed:

  1. Create and configure a public Enterprise Portal website that can be accessed by external users.

  2. Set up number sequences for customer requests in the Customer self-service parameters form. For more information, see Customer self-service parameters (form).

  3. Configure the user request workflow. For more information, see Set up System administration workflows.


    If you do not configure the user request workflow, the customer request will not be processed automatically when you click Create from the Registration form to create a new user. For more information about how to create new users, see Process a customer request.

  4. Enable workflow. For more information, see Configuring the workflow system.

Announcements: To see known issues and recent fixes, use Issue search in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS).