This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Shrink the Push-Button Reset Image

Updated: October 20, 2013

Applies To: Windows 8.1

To save hard drive space, especially on PCs with solid state drives (SSD), convert your push-button reset image into a highly compressed .esd file.

  • These images can’t be mounted or serviced. To update the image, service the .wim file and then convert the file again. If your deployment process requires updating the push-button reset image on each individual PC, you should continue to use the .wim file format with standard compression.

  • The push-button reset process takes longer to finish when using these images.

  • Export the image into a separate file:

    dism /Export-Image /SourceImageFile:"MyImageFile.wim" /SourceIndex:1 /DestinationImageFile:"install.esd" /Compress:recovery

    The push-button reset feature recognizes the filenames: install.wim, install.esd, and install.swm.

Use DiskPart or the Windows Disk Management tool to shrink the partition to fit the newly-compressed file.

Note, if your recovery partition is already in place, you won't be able to simply shrink the partition. Instead:

  1. Move everything off the recovery partition (including the recovery image and all other recovery files).

  2. Use DiskPart or the Windows Disk Management tool to resize the partitions.

  3. Register the push-button reset tools again.

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