Deploy Windows Azure Pack: Web Sites


Updated: June 1, 2015

Applies To: Windows Azure Pack

Windows Azure Pack: Web Sites enables an on-premises, high-density, multi-tenant web hosting service for service providers and enterprise IT. Windows Azure Pack: Web Sites provides an experience similar to Windows Azure Web Sites. It is a scalable, shared, and secure web hosting platform that supports both template web applications and a broad range of programming languages like ASP.NET, PHP and Node.js. In addition to a web sites service, it includes a self-service management portal, uses both SQL and MySQL database servers, integrates with popular source control systems, and offers a customizable web application gallery of popular open source web applications. For more in-depth information on Windows Azure Pack and Windows Azure Pack: Web Sites, including a downloadable white paper, see Windows Azure Pack.

The Windows Azure Pack: Web Sites deployment guide assumes that you have already installed and configured Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server and its corresponding management portals for administrators and tenants. For more information, see Deploy Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server.

To upgrade Web Sites from a preview version (v1 or v2) of Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server, see Upgrading Windows Azure Pack: Web Sites.

This guide offers a depth of information for a variety of user scenarios. For a test or "proof of concept" installation, you should read at minimum the following chapters, which cover overview, prerequisite, and installation steps.

A test installation may also require steps from other chapters depending on the usage scenario that you are trying to test.