Known issues with Virtual Machine Clouds


Updated: October 17, 2013

Applies To: Windows Azure Pack

This topic lists down some known issues, with workarounds, related to VM Clouds.

Deleting a subscription or user account does not automatically clean up and remove the tenant assets such as virtual machines and networks provisioned by the tenant.  Specifically, if you want to remove a subscription or account, you should first use the Virtual Machines view and the Networks view in the VM Clouds tab, to search for and remove the virtual machines and networks owned by that subscription or account. Once you have deleted the virtual machines and networks, you can delete the subscription or account.

You can use the Virtual Machines view and the Networks view in the VM Clouds tab to search for virtual machines and networks, respectively, for a given query. However, the query output is not refreshed automatically to show any change in the query results. Administrators must run the query again to reflect any changes to the query results.

For example, if an administrator runs a query when a tenant just provisioned a new virtual machine, the state for that virtual machine in the query result will show as “Creating”. The query results will continue to show the same state, even after the virtual machine has completely started, unless the administrator refreshes the query. The only other situation when the query result is refreshed, but only for a specific virtual machine, is when the administrator takes an action on that virtual machine.

In some versions of Internet Explorer, using the management portal for administrators to search for virtual machines or networks containing Unicode characters in their name might not give the desired result. To fix this, you must change the following settings for Internet Explorer.

  1. From Internet Explorer, from the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

  2. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Advanced tab, and then within the International section, clear the Send UTF-8 URLs check box.

  3. Click OK.